My story with Hanna Nikole: Be bold to show yourself💃✨

🌟Activities Overview 🌟

Calling all fashion lovers!📣🎉

Boldly showcasing your clothing style is the perfect choice to express your unique charm, do you agree? If so, we have a special invitation for you! At Hanna Nikole, we're all about breaking the rules and embracing individuality.

That's why we have created our branded hashtag #WithHN on IG, which our fans can use to share their fashion styles and become part of our fashion community! If you've purchased our clothing, simply share your wearing experience on IG and tag #WithHN, and you could win our latest product for free every quarter!

Haven't purchased from us yet? Use this 20% discount code “newwithhn” to try our products and join the fun. Get ready for more surprises! 😉👕🎁

✨ How to participate? ✨

1️⃣ Follow our official account @hannanikoleofficial on Instagram  to stay updated on the latest trends and exciting contests.

2️⃣ Be bold to show your new look in our clothing on your Instagram. Don't forget to use the hashtag #WithHN in your post.😉

That's it! You're now a part of this exciting event, where fashion has no rules and uniqueness is celebrated.

✨ Surprise rewards just for you!✨

We have some special rewards for fashion lovers who participate in this campaign. Here's what you can look forward to:

🎁 Gift Card: We'll select a few lucky participants who will receive exciting $100 and $20 gift cards to continue their fashion adventures with Hanna Nikole.

🌟 Additional Benefits: You'll earn extra membership points and get discounts on future purchases.

👑 Become our Official Ambassador: You will have the chance to become our official ambassadors and receive exclusive opportunities to flaunt your style.

Remember, there are no rules in fashion - be bold, be creative and be yourself. 💫So, what are you waiting for? It's time to show your unique fashion style and become a part of our fashion community!

Click HERE to follow our IG account @hannanikoleofficial, use the hashtag #WithHN and be bold to show your new look in our clothing on IG. We can't wait to see your new looks!😍



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