The Shining Light of “She Power”

As a plus-size clothing brand, Hanna Nikole has always strived to bring confidence to every woman. On this special day, we pay tribute to all the hard-working people, and we also salute "She power", every woman is magnificent. 🫶🏻💓


To celebrate Labour Day and welcome the upcoming season, we have launched our clothing collection. Let's explore this special holiday and embrace the radiance of women!

Be strong and beautiful

In this era, more and more women are making their mark in various fields, sketching the contours of the new era with their intelligence and vision.  


They are full of curiosity and creativity. They have different identities and experiences, but what is the same is that they show the "She Power" of contemporary women, changing the inherent impression of society towards women.

"She Power"

“She Power” is like the scent of roses blooming freely. Women, with this powerful force, constantly break through themselves and shining in their respective fields. They are like the heroines in movies, exuding infinite charm and strength. 


And now, "She Power" has become the focus of the times. More and more outstanding women have achieved tremendous success through their wisdom. For example, famous actress Jessica Alba has showcased boundless creativity and leadership in her brand, becoming an industry benchmark.

Step up your style this fall

As a plus-size women's clothing brand, Hanna Nikole holds deep respect for "She Power". We believe that every woman has her own strength, expressing their confidence and become a shining star in the workplace and in life.


Therefore, to empower women with beauty and confidence, we craftily present our Autumn/Winter collection. Wearing our clothes, you will exude charm and grace, whether at work or social occasions. Let's take a look!✨

HN0419A23: HN Dropped Shoulder Long Sleeve Open Front Sweater

HN0418A23: HN Hollowed-Out Textured Long Sleeve Open Front Sweater

HN0436A23: HN Loose Fit Dropped Shoulder Open Front Sweater


HN0403A23: HN Ruched Long Sleeve V-Neck Irregular Hem Bodycon Dress

HN0440A23: HN Size Sequin Patchwork Party 3/4 Sleeve Crew Neck Dress

HNK003A23: HN Above Knee Party Long Lace Sleeve V-Neck Bodycon Dress



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